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OpenERP: Configuration wizard made easy 
One of the priorities we have at OpenERP s.a. is usability! In this extent, we have developed another feature that we believe will simplify the (read more...)

OpenERP Awards – 2012 Edition 
This year's annual summit was a great success due to the quality of the presentations, shared vision and strategy and the ever increasing number of (read more...)

OpenERP 7.0: Improvements on the framework 
We are going to develop significant improvements in the framework for the version 7.0. These improvements will allow OpenERP to be even more modular, to (read more...)

Serving OpenERP 6.1 on multicore systems with Gunicorn 
OpenERP 6.1 comes with a load of new features, and one of them provides a much greater ability to scale up on modern (read more...)

OpenERP 6.1. Functional Demo 
The news is out, OpenERP's latest version 6.1. is here. It's more user-friendly, even more business oriented and efficient to manage your company. Read more (read more...)

OpenERP is going social with the launch of the new version 6.1. 
Yes, it's that important announcement! OpenERP is excited to announce the release of its 6.1. final version. After more than a year of joint effort (read more...)

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