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MRP Tour: Facts and Figures 
MRP Tour was a real success! The Odoo MRP tour just finished and we are so thrilled with its success!

This past year, our R&D team

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The New Odoo 
All Odoo apps are free, on the cloud.

As of today, all Odoo apps are free on Odoo Online, as long as you

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Odoo 9 Tour: Facts and Figures 
How Odoo 9 took over Europe and Asia

Odoo 9, the brand new version of the well-known, powerful software was launched only three months ago,

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Odoo’s new education platform 
Teachers can easily share their database It has already been three years now that Odoo has launched a free Odoo Online access for academic purposes!  (read more...)

More than ever, Odoo has it all. 
Announcing Odoo 9

Odoo 9 is a major step ahead for the software. Over the last year, the 150+ R&D team has worked hard to

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Top apps & themes in Odoo Store 
Best of the quarter 3 These last 3 months, we've seen a huge growth of apps created, published and sold in Odoo Apps Store. We've compiled (read more...)

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