About Us About Sodexis Inc

Sodexis is an open source ERP and CRM software provider located in Orlando (Longwood), Florida. Sodexis is an Odoo / OpenERP Gold Partner that also offers services for other open source application software such as Jaspersoft, Magento, Compiere, ActFact (Non-Profit Organization ERP), and Google Web ToolKit.

Our goal at Sodexis is to unleash the power of open source software for your company. We believe that any software should be fitted to your company’s processes and not the other way around. One of the great advantages with open source is that you have access to the source code, and so ultimately the application can be fitted to your needs.

Sodexis can provide you with support at the level you require, depending on the size and depth of your organization. We have helped customers who had their own IT department as well as customers with no IT department at all.

We believe that your success is our success and that drives us to be passionate about your business. We strive to exceed your expectation by consistently providing you a combination of superior service and support.

At Sodexis, we neither have Sales Representatives nor do we sell any software. So from the very first contact, you will talk to an ERP or CRM consultant who will be part of the group ultimately responsible to deliver our services to you. You can expect down-to-earth accurate information and recommendations. We can help with signature processes analysis, implementation of core features, customizations, integration with other systems, support, training at all levels, and system monitoring. Our first priority is to determine if there is a good fit between one of our partners’ software and your company’s needs.
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