Agile Methodology Agile Methodology

At Sodexis, we follow an agile methodology with a cycle varying between four and six weeks to develop ERP and CRM customized solutions to fit your company’s processes. We find this approach although particularly well suited for changes to the code, to be in fact adequate for all steps of an implementation.

At the beginning of each cycle, we select projects in collaboration with your project manager. During the cycle, we follow a strict development process for each project: from writing specs to different levels of QA once the changes to the configuration or to the code are done. About a week before the end of the cycle, the finished projects are made available to your team to do a final QA. At the end of the cycle, the approved projects are put in production.

Using this agile methodology has several advantages:

  • We can react very quickly to new business requirements.
  • The time elapsed between developing the specs and delivering the project is reduced, and so any misunderstanding or misinterpretation in the specs can be caught quickly.
  • It is easier for your project manager to monitor our progress.

Sodexis is a partner of odoo, and Compiere ERP and has provided customized ERP and CRM solutions to small and mid-sized businesses since 2006.
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