ERP CRM Consultants People

Stephan Keller, Chief Executive Officer/Owner.

Stephan Keller

Stephan Keller has been the CEO of Sodexis since he started the company in 2006, he holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has about 10 years of research in academics and over 10 years of business experience. Through his academic and business careers, he has accumulated a well of experience analyzing processes, writing, managing, and providing support for different types of software applications. One of his strength is his ability to bridge the gap between the Business world and the IT world.

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V.S. Elangovan, Project Manager & ERP Consultant.


Elangovan has a master’s degree in Technology. His experience, before he joined Sodexis in September 2010, included 7 full cycles of ERP implementations. His domain of expertise includes evaluating customer requirements and mapping them to the ERP system.


Suganthi Karunanithi, Senior Developer & Technical Lead.

Suganthi Karunanithi

Suganthi has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Technology. She joined Sodexis in February 2010. Prior to this, Suganthi was already a Senior Developer and Technical Lead with another company.

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