The German Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi) wants to incentivise and support SMEs to invest in digitization projects with a new funding program: Digital Jetzt. The program provides financial support to SMEs with grants for investments in digital technologies and related implementations.

What’s so great about the program? Odoo licences AND success packs qualify!

How much funding will you receive?

The grant is awarded as a non-repayable subsidy in the form of partial financing.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the funding quota was lifted to 50% for all submitted applications until 30/06/2021! On top of this, you can benefit from extra % depending on the region your business is located in and your business model ( more info here).
Starting July 2021, the normal quota (between 30-50%) will be applied and can be taken advantage of until 2023!

The maximum subsidy amount:

  ● for individual companies: 50 000 €

  ● for investments of companies in value chains and networks, this increases to 100 000€

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