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“Half the money I spent on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker, american businessman

The marketing profession has dramatically changed these past years. Emerging technologies, new tools and evolving medias have forced every business to adapt to new expectations and behaviors and to develop their presence where customers are now -Internet. As a result, today’s marketing campaigns rely almost exclusively on digital channels.

But, when it’s quite easy for anyone to launch several online campaigns simultaneously, it is much more difficult to see exactly how these campaign impact return on investment. Indeed, according to a recent study,, 90% global marketers are not trained to calculate ROI and 80% of them struggle with being able to properly demonstrate to their management the business effectiveness of their spendings, campaigns and activities.

This statement is surprising when we know that, today more than ever, any business is under pressure to measure the ROI of every dollar spent to make sure their efforts are effectively contributing to the bottom line.

Keep track of everything, from the first click to the final sale

Reporting can be one of the most tedious parts of a marketer’s job, but it’s also one of the most critical- your metrics prove your work’s worth. However, how many of them can answer the following questions?

  • How many opportunities did your last email campaign generate ?
  • How much revenue your last PPC campaign brought to the company ?
  • What happens after your prospects have clicked on a link you sent ?


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