Sugar Honored for Helping Clients Like USAFact Achieve CRM Excellence.

Wish to have a magic platform which can ease your task of organizing and tracking people, companies and sales opportunities? With a single and easy-to-use customer relationship management; your team will be more productive and can focus on quality: creating and retaining customers. Let us now discuss the benefits of having SugarCRM as your valuable open source business software.

1. Encourage collaboration across extended teams
SugarCRM is the ultimate customer relationship management software for the most demanding customers, combining industry-leading features with the most modern CRM platform architecture. It allows also large enterprises to collaborate across extended teams,and receive the administration and support services expected of mission-critical applications.

2. Customization capabilities
As businesses continue to expand, this CRM platform can easily be modified, extended and integrated to meet dynamic needs quickly and effectively. This makes Sugar a long-term and reliable solution that will continue to add value after other CRM applications have become obsolete.

3. Suitable for all business sizes
SugarCRM is quite convenient in coordinating contacts, opportunities, accounts, managing email lists, conducting marketing campaigns, handling service requests and customer issues.

4. No artificial constraints/restrictions
One may be surprised to know that SugarCRM services give you the complete control and frees you from Vendor Lock-in. In other words, no bait and switch, sales models etc. which are else popular with proprietary vendors. And, no artificial constraints/restrictions posed on the customers.

5. Manage your sales activities
Sales professionals often need constant reminders to help them pursue with client calls. However with the complicated and ever-rising responsibilities, it becomes tough to manage and track the number of leads. However, with CRM software you can set reminders into daily processes. This will help you organize your sales activities and by this you will never fail to do a follow-up-call or send a birthday or anniversary messages.

6.Having Pro-active and reliable developer network
Between the 30,000 registered developers and thousands of SugarCRM services providers in the Sugar community and Sugar-certified partners, virtually any Sugar business integration, extension, or plug-in can be created or already exists. Moreover, with a strong SugarCRM support community of users and programmers, it becomes easy to have easy access to expert thoughts and practices for using Sugar Open Source.

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