A brand new app has been added to OpenERP allowing you to gather data on the vehicles in your company and keep track of their changes, contracts, services and refuelling logs. So, with this tool you can keep records of your vehicles, assign an employee to them, update the odometers and so on.

Moreover, with this app you can keep track of the money spent by your company for each of the fleet vehicles, add contracts, services and fuel logs. The recurring costs of your contracts (eg. leasing contracts) are automatically created at the beginning of each period (day/week/month/year) depending on the frequency specified in the contracts. These costs can be displayed in a graphical view or in a list view, depending on your preferences. A quick look at the dashboard gives you a global view of the costs of your fleet.

With the reporting tool you can also make comparisons/analysis between the different types of costs, which vehicle costs the most, which services have been performed on which vehicles and so on.

Another interesting feature is that you won’t have to remember all the contracts renewal date for your vehicles. When a contract reaches its expiration date you’ll receive a warning mail. Also, several visual tools are put in place to insure that you remember to renew or end your contract.

This app is available with the new version 7.

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