Electronic Accounting Localized for Colombia

It seems that it was only yesterday when we released our version 11 and without realizing it, the time flies and we are already a few weeks away from the new version 12, much more advanced, full of new apps and features.

At the beginning of the year, we began to cross new frontiers with the localization. Odoo worked hard to improve our software and adapt it to local accounting regulations. The Latin American community plays a fundamental role for us and that is why we focus on meeting their needs. First, it was Mexico, and now it’s Colombia’s turn!

We want to share with you this great news just before the big leap to our next version, Odoo 12, and thus give you an exclusive view of its scope and main characteristics and how this location complies with the regulations requested by the Colombian government.

How the localization initiative arose

It all started with the implementation of one of our oldest and largest clients in Colombia and Latin America. Like the rest of the taxpayers of this country, as of this year, electronic invoicing is mandatory.

It became mandatory for large taxpayers from June 1, 2018, and for all others in 2019, for this before that date the various taxpayers had to notify the regulatory body that they were ready to start or request an extension.

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