Recently, we just finished a new feature that we think you’re going to like. We developed a new way for you to add tags to your customers.

It’s no longer needed to open a new window and go though a number of steps just to be able to add a tag. Now, you just write the tag you want and it’s automatically created.

In the new version, you are immediately able to see where you can add your tags. The biggest benefit is that it’s more user-friendly, saves your time and it looks cool as well.

Next step is simply creating the tag and you can easily do this by just writing the tag and click create (we associate the many to one quick create to the many to many) You are free to choose whatever tag you think it’s suitable for a particular contact

For example, you can add “Reseller”, “Supplier”, whatever will help you or your colleagues. You will also be able to make a search on this tag in the list view.

The many to many tag is extended to a certain number of OpenERP objects. It is used for categories in contact form, for taxes in order lines, categories in opportunity form, etc…

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