Recently, we shared with you the latest SaaS releases, where you had a little overview of some of the most recent changes in Odoo Online. We also organized the MRP Tour this past summer and presented a beta version of one of the highlights of Odoo 10, the new MRP! Now, we can proudly present to you, the Odoo Community, our newest release – Odoo 10, it’s live!

For this edition, more than 112 tasks have been concluded by our internal R&D team of +150 developers. That’s a lot of actions! Some applications have been completely reimagined and redeveloped, while others have more minor improvements which will result in a real difference in management and time-efficiency for our users!

Let’s now present to you the key features of this new release:

Odoo Website Builder

The web page editor has been completely redeveloped for better performance and optimized usability. Working with a bad editor platform is frusturating and time consuming. With the new editor we have revamped a host of new features including the new media manager (for faster media file uploads), the development of new building blocks in the official Themes, a new customer Portal (with real-time sales follow-ups just like in Odoo Sales), as well as the new and improved Blog customization tools.

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