With the evolution of digital technology in our lives, our business process is obviously evolving too. Going paperless, sending emails every minute,… today we are executing more tasks and faster than 20 years ago!

Nowadays, an integrated business management software is essential to follow the stream and to be part of the competition. I remember one of our clients saying that they couldn’t face the concurrence because of their lack of a good management system. Their business process was slowing down their production compared to their competitors.

That’s why today, we here at Odoo are proud to release a mature management system that can, again, save you more time! Our R&D team has worked hard on all the details that, in the end, make a huge difference. Whether it’s about features, execution speed or usability, we can now say that Odoo 12 reaches perfection!

Let me introduce you some of the major changes of Odoo 12. You can find the details of Odoo 12 on the Release Notes page.

New dashboards for a better understanding of the data.

Get to know the sales or financial health of your company right away! Thanks to a new data layout, you have directly a view of the latest KPIs when opening the application.

This dashboard works like a custom report where you can compare data from different periods and see the evolution of your business. For example, in the Inventory app, your dashboard gives you the average cycle times and delays with information about the value coming in and out of stock. In the CRM app, see at a glance the Win/Loss ratio of your opportunities and the media from which your leads came from.

Monitoring your business activities is now easy thanks to all the views including graph, pivot data and cohort view.

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