When simplicity meets comprehensive features

The day you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived – Odoo has released Version 8!

Odoo 8 provides the widest range of integrated business apps ever created. New version cuts down on the time wasted due to compatibility problems experienced when using different software made by various companies.

Business owners can now find all the solutions and tools needed to run their business in one place and in a system that flows seamlessly.

With the release of Odoo 8, we are moving into brand new territories, beyond ERP. It includes improved front office features and delivers better overall user experience. It comes with a lot new apps, various improvements, new features and updates. Odoo offers you a fully integrated suite of business apps that will help you grow your business.

We’re officialy introducing a stable version of Odoo Website Builder, brand new CMS which is easy to use, mobile friendly, SEO friendly and fully integrated with other apps. Building stunning websites has never been easier!

More on: Odoo 8 is here!