How Odoo 9 took over Europe and Asia

Odoo 9, the brand new version of the well-known, powerful software was launched only three months ago, and it’s already a crowd pleaser.

This version marks a milestone in Odoo’s history: easier, more complete and with improved look and feel, this version aims to be an effective solution for all businesses. Major improvements and exciting new features include a new subscription app, a more efficient accounting app, an improved inventory management system, a sleek user interface, and two features that were warmly welcomed at the 2015 Odoo Experience, the new Odoo Sign app and the Odoo POS for restaurants.

Odoo celebrated the launch of this new version with events not only in Europe, but also in Asia: Odoo lovers in Shenzen and Singapore also had the chance to celebrate! In Europe, our Odoo team traveled to Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Lausanne, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan and London to showcase the new and improved Odoo 9.

The fall 2015 Roadshow was the opportunity for Odoo to meet local customers and to present the brand new software and its game-changing features. During two hours, our participants attended a presentation given by some of our best Account Managers and met local partners, always willing to help and to answer their Odoo related questions. We are proud to say that this edition was our most successful yet, with more than 2000 people subscribed, 900 tour attendees. Over 150 additional chairs were needed so that participants and enthusiasts could fit the conference rooms!

We are looking forward to the next tour, and hope that the 2016 roadshow will be even bigger and better!

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