From Odoo Experience 2016, With Love

Each year, Odoo comes together with partners, developers, community members, and business professionals interested in open source software from all over the world to host the company’s largest event, Odoo Experience.

This 3-day event referred to by veteran community members as the “Open Days” is the perfect opportunity for the whole community to come together with the Odoo staff to learn about the newest features and refine their software skills.

Odoo Experience recently concluded for 2016 and was a huge success, thank you to the entire community for your participation and support! You were part of more than 2700 participants to follow the+ 160+ conferences and sessions.

Getting Started With Exclusive Training Sessions

Each year, Odoo organizes training sessions for new and advanced users alike in the days leading up to the main event. During these 2 days, more than 100+ attendees joined the Odoo team in order to follow an intensive training on some of the community’s most requested applications and subjects: Accounting, Small Customization, Deployment, Development and MRP.

An Amazing Partners Exhibition and Great Workshops

For the 8th annual Odoo Experience, a new venue layout from the previous years mixed things up and allowed for more interaction and hands-on demos. At the entrance, attendees were able to directly dive to interactive workshops and one-on-one demos. The workshop area was the best place to try out all the new Odoo 10 features up close and personal. The idea of the workshops is to showcase how the software can perform in different situations, including a restaurant setting (Odoo POS), managing a Warehouse (Odoo MRP & Barcode) and even a customization workshop highlighting Odoo Studio, one of the newest additions to Odoo 10.

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