There it is! Only five months after the release of Odoo 10, Odoo Online customers can already benefit from a new upgraded version of Odoo!

Let me share with your the most interesting upgrades.

The new Odoo Studio application

For the newbies, Odoo Studio is the Odoo application that allows you to customize the existing Odoo apps, like modifying fields or menus, with no code knowledge! Even better, you can create new applications in your Odoo database!

Our Usability team came up with new ideas to improve the whole interface and the user experience of this powerful app. A discovery tour has been added to get acquainted with the tool in no time. Now, you can also drag & drop new fields into your screen and undo your changes. You are also able to create and edit calendar, Gantt, pivot & diagram views. App icons are more customizable; You can even use your own icons!

And that’s not it! You can now change your homepage background! A picture of your cat or the logo of your company… it’s up to you;)

Settings Pages

The layout of the settings pages has been revamped in several apps (Accounting, Website, Recruitment, Sales and General Settings) and it’s just the beginning!

From now on, you won’t have the feeling of being overwhelmed by all the configuration, it’s way clearer and, even better, you get a tool-tip for each option!

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