The SugarCRM roadshow came to town this week, as the vendor’s CRMAcceleration conference arrived in London as part of a triple-header European tour that also pitches up in Frankfurt and Paris.
For London, it’s back to business now after the delirious excitement surrounding the Olympics and Paralympics. And just as the theme of London 2012 message was about creating a legacy for the future, so SugarCRM was also keen to emphasise the importance of building for the future, and ensuring the right infrastructure is in place for business evolution.

Outlining his vision for CRM, CEO Larry Augustin says that the key element to this is an infrastructure that is ‘open’.

“Our vision is of a platform that is future-proof, that enables customers to be able to evolve their interest in social, mobile and Cloud, and other next-generation technologies in a way that they can control,” he explains. “Things are changing so fast and the technology changes so fast that you can’t simply come out and say ‘OK what I need is Twitter integration’ because that may be what is the social platform of today, but what you really need is the ability to integrate with whatever is the social platform of tomorrow, in addition to the sites of today.”

To demonstrate the pace of change, Augustin points to the dramatic changes in mobile devices in the past five years, and the rise to prominence of Cloud Computing since “turning up on people’s radar screens” in 2007. To keep pace with this, he insists that businesses must prioritise open platforms – something that he believes is an “easy one” for SugarCRM.

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