The first breakthrough OpenERP is achieving with version 7.0, is to remove the complexity, inherent to any full featured ERP. This allows to reduce implementation time and lower costs, lower learning curves for new users, and make ERP accessible to every company. The fact that a user who had never been exposed to OpenERP can – without any training – complete a simple flow such as creating a sales order, delivering and invoicing a customer and registering a payment in less than 7 minutes, is certainly one of the achievements we are most proud of.

With version 7.0, OpenERP is making the switch from an ERP to a suite of integrated business applications. So far, the world was split between ERPs and best of breed applications. With 7.0, OpenERP combines the key benefits of stand-alone apps (ease of use, quick to deploy, highly customizable, …) with the integrations and feature coverage only ERPs used to provide to their customers. This allows companies to quickly deploy one or two modules at a very low cost and increase the scope incrementally.

OpenERP 7.0 is not just a better and easier to use software. It also brings many improvements to existing features and adds a number of brand new features which will extend the scope of the business needs covered by OpenERP. Integration of social network capabilities, email aliases for each object, integration with Google Docs and LinkedIn, new contract management, new event management, new point of sales, new address book, new fleet management,… are only a few of the many enhancements brought by OpenERP 7.0.

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