Last month we have launched a new “help” site that has quickly become popular within the OpenERP community. This site is meant to be a better replacement for the ageing OpenERP forum.

Currently, there are approximately 1,500 questions and about 70% of them have already got an answer. It is quite impressive if you compare it to the technical questions on stackoverflow (in last 2 years): 572 asked, 141 unanswered.

The new platform is a very efficient way to share the OpenERP knowledge and consequently build a structured and reliable OpenERP knowledge base. We want to eliminate spam, have it focused on questions instead of discussions, and be meritocracy based. For discussions, we have set up Google+ communities.

Only practical questions based on actual problems are allowed and to make this happen, the system is moderated. Users get rights to perform actions (edit post, retag, delete) according to their reputation (votes on their contributions). For more details, just make sure you read our FAQ section.

One of the greatest achievements of the help site is that the quality of questions and answers is very good. Also, there are about 1500 contributors subscribed and a big part of them are constantly contributing.

Last but not least, we want to say how pleased we are that in only 5 weeks we have managed to have such results. We also want to thank our top contributors and especially our top 5 contributors: Andreas Brueckl, Guewen Baconnier, Ahmet Altınışı, Yannick Vaucher and Nicolas Bessi.

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