The funding of the PosBox Indiegogo campaign is now over and it has been a complete success! With more than 30 000 euros, the amount of contributions received far exceeded the original target, and I will thus as promised add weighting scale support to the PosBox!

I have also been very surprised (in a good way!) by the overwhelming amount of feedback we’ve receieved, all of it was positive.

But it is now time for me to give you something back in return for your contributions, so here is the first progress report on the implementation.

Porting the POS Client to iOS and Android

Since one of the stated goals of the PosBox is to enable affordable peripheral support for the POS on the iPad and android tablets, the first and most important part is to make sure the OpenERP POS works perfectly on tablets.

Since tablets are a lot smaller than the usual PC screen, the first thing I had to do was to rework the UI, and make sure that all elements are large or small enough to be clicked or displayed on tablets. While doing so I also managed to fix some long-standing usability issues, especially in the payment screen which has been revamped.

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