From the 1st of November, OpenERP is launching a NEW certification program. OpenERP users will be able to sit our certification exam in more than 5,000 test centers worldwide. You can read in detail here about the new method, advantages and purpose.

This new method will allow us to centralize results and actually see which users have the best OpenERP expertise. We want to reward the best 3 OpenERP experts who pass our certication exam.

So,if you are confident you know OpenERP and you want some exposure, we will reward that. All you have to do is pass the OpenERP certification exam in November or December 2013. At the end of December 2013, we will announce the top 3 OpenERP experts who passed the certification exam.

What will they get in exchange?

  • Exposure – we will communicate to our audience the 3 top names.
  • The right to use this as a reference for their clients
  • A FREE sponsor booth at the OpenERP Open Days 2014 (you will advertise your company and services to all our participants)

In case there are the same results for 2 people, the person who passed the exam first is the winner. So, don’t waste time, pre-order the certification exam and take it first thing in November.

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