OpenERP’s current Point of Sales (POS) is run in stores around the world. Nevertheless, setting up any sort of external hardware still requires a certain level of technical skill. Additionally, the existing POS devices that shops are forced to use are big and expensive or work along with pricey wireless scanners and printers. All of this requires a big sum of money for a basic need that shops around the world have.

As a result, we decided to bridge that gap by providing a higher quality hardware at an affordable price. Our solution is called “The PosBox”. With it we have developed an out of the box POS kit, that is the most affordable and accessible alternative to the current POS solutions out there.

What is “The PosBox” and how does it work?

The PosBox is a little hardware box (approximately the size of a cellphone) that will handle all the peripherals’ drivers and setup very easily:
1) You connect the PosBox to your local network.
2) You plug your peripherals ( receipt printer, barcode scanner ) to the PosBox via USB
3) You launch OpenERP’s Point of Sale on any device – iPad, Android Tablet or PC – while connected to your local network.
4) There is no step 4, it’s already working.

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