Discover these tools now on Odoo Website & E-commerce

Summertime usually goes along with a typical business slowdown. Customers and employees take their annual vacation, new projects are postponed to September and communication plans are lowered to their minimum. At Odoo, we decided to roll up our sleeves instead…

As we announced in our previous post last week, we took advantage of this period of the year to present to you our Odoo Online 2015 Summer release, a major revamp of Odoo 8 and a big step forward towards Odoo 9 , the brand new version that will be released in the coming months.

What’s new on Odoo Website and E-commerce?

I would like today to introduce you two major features of this Summer release that will change the way webmasters and marketing people will use their website: Versioning and A/B testing

Odoo versioning : Managing and publishing web pages is now easier than ever

Web pages aren’t meant to stay static. They evolve at least occasionally, sometimes every week or even daily.
The big issue when you edit a page is that, when you click the save button, you cannot go back. And who never regretted hitting that button too fast and wishing to retrieve the old version ? Well, this time is over thanks to the new Versioning tool.

With this feature available on More on: Odoo Website and More on: Odoo eCommerce , you will now be able to easily prepare multiple versions of a website and switch from one to another in as little as one click. If you like to see your website as an experimental playground, this is a real game changer! You will be able to:

  • Work on new versions of a page without losing the published one
  • Replace one version by another in just one click
  • Create archives of your pages and retrieve your old versions anytime
  • etc.

Putting it into practice

Let’s imagine that I am running a small clothing company and selling my items on my Odoo website. My online catalog has to change constantly in order to follow seasons and new trends.

With the versioning feature, I will be able to safely prepare new versions of my website without threatening my actual content and and to switch from one catalog to another in a few clicks.

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