Now, new online instances created are in Saas 11

What is a “Saas” version?

As you may know, every year Odoo releases a new version which becomes available on premise and online.

Because we are so generous (and also, because it’s easier for us when it comes to migrate all our users from one version to another), we share with our online users a new feature as soon as it’s ready! In this way, our online users don’t have to go through major changes between each new version. They are upgraded on a regular basis and can enjoy a part of the next version before the on premise users.
Our R&D team is working hard the whole year on improving the solution and upgrades the Odoo online version every so often with new features. We call these small releases the “Saas release”.

Before the major release of Odoo 10, which will be available on premise and online, we release now the saas 11 version!
So what’s new in this Saas 11?
In a few words, the major changes in this version is a clean-up of the code. This time, this intermediate release is not very rich in terms of ‘functional features’ because we focused on the new API migration.
Below, you’ll find the changes we’ve made. Some of these are very technical and won’t mean much for the “functional” users, but we know that many developers from our community will be happy to read those.

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