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What is Compiere


A Modern, Adaptable, and Affordable ERP Solution

Compiere is an open source and cloud-based ERP business solution. Created in 1999, this award-winning software has been downloaded over 1.8 million times and is deployed worldwide by companies of all sizes. Powered by a revolutionary model-based platform, Compiere is a comprehensive, modern, highly adaptable, and low cost ERP solution. Compiere ERP is available on-premise or on the Cloud.

Highly Adaptable, Enterprise Class Applications

Compiere delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionalities on a global-ready platform. You can manage any number of organizations, warehouses, languages, currencies, and accounting rules. Additionlly, you can utilize role-based Management Dashboards with drill down capability to effectively monitor and analyze your operations. Pre-built charts and graphs are provided and are easily expanded to meet your specific needs. And, Compiere Enterprise is built to scale – supporting multiple servers, large transaction volumes, hundreds of users and business complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes. Compiere’s revolutionary design enables applications to be easily customized and extended. Changes are easily made using a modern drag and drop Visual Dictionary Editor.

Built on a Modern, Web-Based Platform

Compiere offers a highly interactive, Web-based user experience while providing secure access from any Web browser. Integration with other applications is easy using Compiere Web services. Leveraging open source technology helps reduce IT infrastructure costs. And, access to application source code reduces vendor dependence and project risk.

On-Premise or on the Cloud

Compiere gives you the choice to deploy your applications in your own data center or on the Amazon Cloud. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud provides a professionally managed computing infrastructure over the internet that is private, secure, and scalable on demand.

At a Fraction of the Cost

Compiere disrupts the traditional cost structure of acquiring, deploying, and maintaining ERP systems. Compiere is available without up-front license fees, and can dramatically lower annual operating costs saving up to 80% in total cost of ownership. You gain cost savings and flexibility without vendor lock-in.

With Compiere, you are in control but not alone. Your customized solution is backed by Sodexis who offer a range of services to ensure your success.

Application Development Platform

Compiere’s innovative design reduces the cost and effort associated with upgrading business applications. Compiere Automated Upgrade Technology enables seamless migration to new software versions while preserving all dictionary-based customizations, saving significant time and cost compared to traditional systems.

Compiere not only provides the core functionalities that you would expect from any ERP package, but is also what can be called an application development platform, that is, it is built to be customized. In other words, Compiere can be fitted to your processes and not the other way around.

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