Straight-forward, clean and structured describe best the kanban interface in OpenERP 7.0. As we are keen on helping users improve their OpenERP experience we think that one way we can help is by helping them save time inputing information or searching for it. So, one of the issues we have noticed in 6.1., is that for the list of opportunitites, tasks, requirement pipeline, etc. you had to jugle between states (open, pending and close) and stages (Preposition, Negociation, Proposition, etc.) to determine their status. This is why we have cleaned the interface allowing you to get immediate access to these items with no distractions.

So, now in 7.0. you manage your tasks, opportunities, etc. only with stages, which makes it less confussing. Let’s take the example of Opportunities where you can now pick between different stages in the kanban view: New, Qualification, Proposition, Negotiation, Won or Lost. This will help you understand and visualize better the status of your opportunitites and decide what to tackle first.

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