Creating innovative products for wheelchair users with Odoo

Inspiral is a small company that’s trying to make a difference by providing innovative solutions and helping wheelchair users to make their lives easier. We talked to Rachel Stone, Jon Bown and Veronique Flammant, the three co-managers at Inspiral, about how Odoo helped them grow their business.

1. Tell us about your company and your business
Inspiral is a small company, which specialises in the import and distribution of innovative products for wheelchair users.

The company is made up of three partners and we spend much of our time visiting specialist hospitals and clinics around France. We also offer a marketing and development consultancy service for medical device manufacturers around the world.

2. When did you start using Odoo and why?
We started to use Odoo almost from the creation of our business, as we needed a system that each of us could access from wherever we happen to be. We wanted to centralise our customer database, which would be linked in to our ordering, purchase and accounting systems.

3. Which Odoo apps are you using?
So far we use the CRM, project management, sales management, accounting and finance, warehouse management and purchase management modules. We keep running into new needs and our Odoo consultant often finds a module that does exactly what we require with the technical support that we need.

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