When a lovely lady by the name of Catherine Bodson visited our Brussels office, it presented me with a great opportunity to meet someone who epitomizes the type of business people our apps are made for. Catherine proudly told me that she doesn’t own a smartphone and she’s “not at all computer-minded”. Bingo! Just the lady I need to speak to about her experience using our Point of Sale app. Catherine is the perfect example of how you can be up and running quickly and easily

First a quick rundown of the benefits of of an electronic point of sale system.

1. Financial Accuracy – it’s easier for a human being to overcharge or undercharge
2. Accountability – whether it’s super sales or a mistake, you’ll have records so you know who to congratulate and who to tell off.
3. Speed and Efficiency – the quicker the payment process, the more time you can spend on chasing sales.
4. Stock management – avoid having too much or running out.

On top of all that, you don’t specifically need any expensive equipment to use with our Point of Sale app – it’ll work with any kind of touch-enabled device. Any scanners or printers are supported out of the box with no setup required.

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