Not many end-users look under the hood to see why an application is performing — or not — as well as it does, said Jeff Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies. In version 6.5, the refined architecture and extended functionality of the SugarCRM platform “has noticeably improved the quality and responsiveness of both the application’s on-premises and on-demand versions.”

SugarCRM has just debuted a controlled release of version 6.5 of its flagship open source CRM offering. In many ways, the release is an iterative change — it does not represent the same major shift in functionality and user interface as version 6 did, when it was launched in 2010.

In one key way, however, the new version is significantly different: The user interface is much more oriented to search technology, explained Clint Oram, chief technology officer.

“If there is anything Google has taught us, it is that search is an essential paradigm,” he told CRM Buyer.

The updated app improved its navigation and added full-text search, said Oram. “Search is now the primary entry point into the application.”

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