SugarCRM on April 24 introduced Sugar 6.5, the newest version of the cloud customer relationship management platform with user interface and data access refinements aimed at streamlining navigation and delivering faster page refreshes.

SAN FRANCISCO — Performance improvements, simplified navigation with ready access to full text search are some of the improvements in Sugar 6.5, the latest version of SugarCRM’s customer relationship management package that it officially introduced Tuesday during its annual SugarCon user conference here.

SugarCRM, a fast-growing but still relatively small provider of CRM software, compared with, Microsoft and Oracle, is “on a journey to reinvent the CRM experience,” said Clint Oram, SugarCRM co-founder and CTO.

The new version is aimed at putting the user first in a new user interface that is designed to increase user productivity by making it easier for users to find and access customer information, Oram said.

The new interface has also been redesigned so that it will work seamlessly with any browser or any mobile device, Oram said. New architectural and performance enhancements include an abstracted database layer that enables simplified and faster data access including the use of client-side data caching to enable sub-second screen refreshes.

The new version also provides support for IBM DB2 and IBM PureSystems, the “new expert integrated systems” announced on April 11 that the company says combine server, storage and networking resources into “one highly automated and secure, simple-to-manage machine.”

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