Only 42% of all (marketers) make use of advanced segmentation strategies according to a February 2012 study released by email marketing software company, Get Response.

Your CRM is the lifeblood of your organization. In B2B selling and marketing, it’s critical that your data truly supports your efforts. The days of a CRM acting solely as a repository are over.

You have all that data, it’s time to use it wisely. Leveraging your CRM to communicate with your prospect and opt-in lists is necessary to make the best use of your marketing and sales efforts. SugarCRM is one tool that we’ve found that really excels in its native email marketing capabilities. Even against CRM-giant, Sugar wins the (CRM) email marketing debate hands down.

Assuming the data integrity of your CRM is well maintained, all of this data is just waiting to be sliced, diced, and segmented into target lists.

To launch an email campaign in SugarCRM, you just need a handful of components:

Get your email credentials set up inside SugarCRM.

If you can set your email up in Outlook or your smart phone, you can set it up in SugarCRM.

Create a new campaign in the campaigns module.

Keep your email campaigns focused around content that educates, inspires, solves, and engages prospects. Unless your value proposition is razor-sharp, you won’t get much of a response.

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