2018 has been an exciting year with new challenges, developments, features and so much more! We often post about these types of announcements but today we’d like to give a special and well deserved thank you to our collaborators who’ve provided invaluable input.

On behalf of Odoo S.A. we’d like to thank the Odoo Community for its extraordinary work and commitment in regards to the website and product translations. The website is now available in 11 languages, and it’s because our users made it possible. Furthermore, Odoo is being used worldwide in more than 50 languages, and it’s because a lot of you dedicated your time to make it happen.

In the last few weeks, we’ve launched the Arabic version of the Odoo website, thanks to Odootec’s work, a Thaï version with the support of Trinity Roots and today we have launched the website in Ukrainian thanks to Alina Lisnenko from ERPUkraine. These last weeks have not been dull and more projects should be completed in 2019 in order to bring content to more users in their languages.

We’d specifically like to thank:

Odootec for translating the Odoo Website to Arabic;

● Yoshi Tashiro & Pro-SPIRE Inc. for their work to make Odoo available in Japanese;

Link-up.co for their work on the Korean translation of Odoo;

● Alina Lisnenko from ERP Ukraine for her efforts in translating Odoo, the documentation and website to Ukrainian;

Inspur for contributing to the translation of Odoo and the website in Mandarin;

● 敬雲 林 from Yuanchih (Taiwanese Community) for his work on making Odoo 11 available in traditional Chinese;

Trinity Roots Roots and our own Juldis (Hong Kong Office) for translating the website to Thaï;

We’d also like to thank the contributors in the Transifex Community and everyone helping us to provide content in local languages:

More on: The Odoo website is now available in 11 languages thanks to your support!