As chief technology officer and co-founder of SugarCRM, Clint Oram gets around — in three years, he’s done 32 trips to 57 cities in 17 countries. He provides the tech tips of the travel trade.

SugarCRM provides customer relationship-management software to businesses. It recently landed $33 million of venture capital funding, which it hopes to use to push out into the enterprise market.

What tech do you travel with and why?

A MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and, of course, a travel charger. The simplicity of the Apple products is unparalleled in personal tech. It just works, everywhere. I still remember giving directions to the taxi driver in Mumbai from Google Maps on my iPhone. I had never been to India before in my life and I was helping a local find my hotel. That’s what tech is all about these days. Making life easier.

What’s your favourite phone app for travelling and why?

Sugar Mobile is key for me. I’m typically travelling to visit clients, so having ready access to all of my customer’s information wherever I am is critical. A close second is TripIt. TripIt is how I track my travel itinerary, from flights to hotels to rental cars. It’s very helpful having your full itinerary at your fingertips.

Personal travel advice/tip?

Take a travel power strip with you. Choose one that has a built-in USB power port. I travel with a lot of devices, so power is very important. I can’t tell you the number of hotel rooms I’ve been in where there was only one poorly placed power point in the room. Having a small power strip is very helpful. I also travel with a 3G USB broadband modem for all the major countries I visit. Buying a few SIM cards with a data plan in different countries is much cheaper than paying all of the hotel and conference wireless charges.

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