We are glad to announce that Vauxoo and Akretion have been promoted to the Gold Partner status. Both companies have had considerable contributions over the last few years on OpenERP. Here’s a bit about both of them:

Founded in São Paulo in 2009 with a venture in Lyon since 2010, Akretion offers high quality OpenERP integration services in Brazil, France and the USA. With organic growth over 100% per year, they now count a dozen collaborators and have completed over twenty OpenERP integration projects with specializations in industry, wholesale, and e-commerce integration.

They bring outstanding talents to the SMB market with a skilled software engineering team and business analysts with proven accounting and fiscal records:

1. Raphaël Valyi developed the OpenERP division at the largest European open source integrator Smile.fr from 2007 to 2009

2. Renato Lima, with a decade’s experience in ERPs, contributed more than 60% of the Brazilian localization of OpenERP

3. Sebastien Beau has been the main Magento-OpenERP Connector contributor in the last 2 years

4. Alexis de Lattre has been an OpenERP implementer and user at Anevia since 2008

Akretion has been contributing to the core of OpenERP for 5 years and is also the 3rd extension module publisher worldwide.

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