Last week we have launched our Point of Sales (POS) crowdfunding campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to help us finalize and deliver an affordable, accessible and out of the box open source POS kit.

We are very happy to announce that we were able to reach our target in just 2 days. The success of this campaign is mainly due to our partners. We had made available 2 types of partner funding bundles:

1) The first type of Founding Partner Bundle is premium and comprises the following items:

  • unprecedented advertising: name on the top of the OpenERP Point-of-Sale module page for a year
  • featured inside the default OpenERP demo data, as well as one of your products
  • featured in all our launch communication for this campaign

Here are the partners who have taken advantage of this partner bundle (in chronological order) and we want to publicly show our gratidude to their contribution: Camptocamp, BHC, openBig, Eeze-IT, Solarsis LDA, ACSONE, Vauxoo, Ekomurz and Datalp.

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