Recently, we announced a welcome bonus of €10.000 for every developer who join Odoo Belgium. It’s not a common practice to talk about money in Belgium. Here is why we think it could be a great win-win for Odoo and our future colleagues.

From the company’s point of view, we are building software used by millions of users. We compete against the big players in the market, with an open-source model and a small team (compared to Microsoft, SAP, and others).

The key to our success has always been our investment in the best developers. Yet, our business grew so fast lately that we couldn’t recruit as much as we needed. To hire enough people we had to rely on recruitment agencies that charge ~€10.000 per new hire.

We decided to invest that money in our future colleagues instead. We bet that such an unexpected bonus will help attract the people we need directly.

From the employee’s point of view, changing job is a serious decision. It can be difficult emotionally, and it has a real impact on your life. You never know if you’ll enjoy your new colleagues, the actual job, and company culture until you live it.

We don’t think the bonus will be the reason why people join Odoo; nobody chooses a job just for the money. But it’s an excellent extra incentive to lower the risk of changing job (and, let’s be honest, a good salary is important).

You might wonder when you get the bonus, what’s the catch? There’s none.

We offer the €10.000 welcome bonus on your first day, without obligations. People stay at Odoo because they love our work environment; money should never be the only reason to keep a job.

Smart colleagues, great technology, a flat hierarchy, and evolution is why people stay.

We’re proud of our 98% annual retention rate amongst developers, and 38% of the people who left Odoo reapplied within the next two years, each of our recruitment is an investment for the future.

In short, we want our farms in Grand-Rosière to be the paradise of developers in Belgium :)​

Here are a few questions people kept asking us:

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